Wearable fall detector prototype

Project Info:

The project involved

  • designing, implementing and experimentally evaluating the algorithm;
  • designing and implementing the hardware for the data collection and for the fall detection;
  • designing and implementing the embedded software on the STM32 board.

The software implements a producer-consumer model to continuously and asynchronously acquire and classify the sequence of inerial data, which communicate through an efficient implementation of a circular queue.
The project also involved the development of a demo Android App able to receive the events over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The project was published at the VISAPP 2018 international conference, where I was able to present it.

Project Details:

  • Kind: thesis work
  • Group: my tutor and me
  • Technologies: SVM, STM32, BLE, Android Studio, Java
  • Date:September 2017